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There is perhaps no place in the world as tightly focused upon the movement of information as is the Santa Clara Valley area south of San Francisco, commonly known as Silicon Valley. A large number of the world’s most innovative high-technology companies have their operations in the area, and according to Price Waterhouse, businesses in the roughly 178 square mile area are responsible for fully one third of all capital venture funding in the US. With a 2010 population of less than 1.8 million and a total business revenue of over $144 billion, it is one of the most productive areas per capita in the nation, if not the world. Given the high stakes and incredible level of competition among players in the area, there is never a day when a major PR campaign isn’t underway, with a flurry of press releases heralding the earth-shaking (or at least industry-affecting) breakthrough du jour.

Staying up to date, much less ahead of the competition in such a pressure cooker of innovation necessitates not merely keeping up with what other companies and individuals are doing, and with current and projected market trends. To maintain one’s position as a major technology player, it is essential that a company or individual must establish those trends and create the products that drive further innovation. To keep abreast of what is going on in the industry and market, the movers and shakers in the Valley look to news and information outlets such as, which in turn looks to the information in PR campaigns from sources such as press release service

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